How To Find Exact Number of Daily Current Searches for Your Keywords on Google


Here’s a quick secret method to finding the exact number of current searches for any term on Google. The common methods that everyone will share with you will help you find only the number of searches for the previous month on Google – or the general bar graph on approximate search popularity of the past. These techniques wont help you in trying to evaluate any daily, live and new search trends.

Below is a secret that not many experts will share with you. I suggest you memorize it or print it out and file it – as you won’t find this little gem anywhere around the net.

Now, here’s the Secret –

1.  List out all the keywords you would like to find the live current search statistics for.

2. Make sure you add [ ] around each of the keyword sets. This is because we only want to find “exact match” search data.

3. Open your Google Adwords Account, and Create a New Campaign and a New Ad group within the Campaign.

4. Add all your Keywords into this Ad Group. Again, make sure you have [ ] around each Keyword / Keyword Phrase.

5. Define and insert a Pay-Per-Click bid for all these keywords that is really really very high… Something like $3 to $5. I will tell you why shortly.

6. Write a totally unrelated Advertisement for these keywords. For example – if you want to find out the search statistics for the Keyword [dog training book] , make an advertisement on the subject – How To Program in C++.

7. Now, Activate Your Campaign! … and wait for 24 hours to get the statistics!

Thats it!

Explanation: By bidding high for the keywords (point 5 above), you are assured that your ad shows up whenever anyone does a search for your keyword. Google uses Quality Score formula to display the Ads (which is a factor of the bid amount, click-through-rate and landing page quality) – and now since you insert a very high CPC, you will be assured that your ad shows up on the first page – even if your CTR is zero. Google likes you a lot because you are willing to pay such a high CPC in the live ad auction Adwords resutls. This way, since your ad is displayed on each search perofrmed for that keyword – you get to know the exact number of searches performed for your keyword. Google displays these numbers in your Ad Campaign pages inside Adwords. Agian – the search number accuracy is maintained since you have bid so high – that you are probably be on top if not within the first 8 ads that show up on the first search result page.

Now, by displaying a totally irrelevant advertisement(point 6 above), you are assured that nobody really clicks on your ad! Since the ad is totally irrelevant and not related to what the searcher is looking for – they just move on and are not interested at all. Thus you don’t pay a single penny!

Note: Some people will argue that this will reduce your Quality Score in the eyes of Google Adwords. My suggestion is that if you create a new separate Campaign you might not get affected much, but if you are still paranoid – just open a fresh Google Adwords account to carry out all your keyword experiments.

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