Getting Backlinks from .EDU Sites for Awesome Google Link Juice


Here’s a quick and powerful tip… Keep in mind that your posts need to be of absolute high quality… or the blog owner will wipe it clean. Also, do not post more than one comment per blog. Getting a backlink from a .EDU site is nothing short of gold for your Page Rank and Google Love. If you do it right, you can get great backlink juice.

Some blog comments are moderated and some are not, and there are different ways to filter these .edu sites which I have listed below. Either way – just make sure the content you post is relevant and of high quality and related to the topic. Don’t go about posting crap, as you will be wasting your time. Don’t worry about the PageRank of the page itself, because that could increase over time.

Do-Follow Tip – You should also be very interested in knowing if the page is a do-follow page, so you don’t waste your time if you aim is to get Google PR love. Get the Firefox Do-Follow plugin to help you with this strategy.

Finally, don’t forget to ping each time your post! Finally, after you make the blog post – you will need to “ping” the post where you left the comment, with any of the pinging websites out there like pingomatic etc,  so that the Googlebot comes to index it.

If you don’t have the time and energy to build edu backlinks on your own then you can outsource this task to a link building company like SmarterSubmit from whom you can buy edu links that stick for a minimum 6 months period guaranteed.

Now on to the Google Search Command gems you’ve been waiting for…

Here are five Google search commands that you will need to customize to your keyword and search with to find your relevant .EDU blogs and site. If you are interested in knowing what the syntax is doing exactly, please search the Google advanced search commands area.

Search Command #1 … finds .edu blogs having your keywords. Not that powerfull, but a handy search command. inurl:blog “your keywords”

Search Command #2 … finds blogs you can comments on which do not require you to be logged in (that is post as a guest) and/or where the comments are not closed.

general search… inurl:blog “post a comment” -“you must be logged in” -“comments closed”

specific search… inurl:blog “post comment” -“you must be logged in” -“comments closed” “your keyword”

Search Command #3 … this technique allows you to find .edu blogs where you can create an account profile, and then confirm your account and login to go to the homepage or course page and then add your own link to your profile. Then save the URL where you did this so you can eventually ping that URL, thereby getting a backlink from the .edu site. inurl:login “Login here using your username” “For full access to courses you’ll need to take a minute to create a new account for” “your keywords”

Search Command #4 … This command help you find .edu sites which have forums. Simply visit them and check to see if they allow you to add your website URL at the time of registration. If not, skip the .edu forum and move to the next one. “page 1 of 1” “Select sort method” “joined” “Website” “your keywords”

Search Command #5 … this is for fidning discussion boards which allows the visitor to add a reply. Go to the result page and look for the “reply” link, then as always type your informative reply and place your link within the reply. “From” “date” “time” “Remote Name” “last changed” “your keywords”

Again, remember… post valuable comments and responses, check if the page is dofollow (if you want the link juice to pass on to you – but its ok to have a couple normal ones so it looks natural to Google) and finally – don’t forget to ping!

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Gseries - October 26, 2009 Reply

I own a ecommerce website selling in US only.

Does it matter if the .edu site with backlinks to my ecommerce website is within USA or not.?

Vishal - December 2, 2009 Reply

@Gseries – no that would not matter. Just make sure the page where you post reply has do-follow turned on.

Start Your Internet Business - December 13, 2009 Reply

Wow, excellent tips! I never thought to ping post you commented on.

That Firefox Do Follow plugin is the best! I don’t know what I would use if it didn’t exist.

Schauspielschule Hamburg - December 28, 2009 Reply

Does it even work with an us-site for a company in germany?

Salim - February 5, 2010 Reply

Great tips to search thanks alot it really works.

Medical Lab Tachnician - March 16, 2010 Reply

Awesome, very useful post , in the pass i try to find the .edu links but not successful until I found this post, thanks you website owner.

sikis izle - March 30, 2010 Reply

Great tips to search thanks alot it really works.

seo beratung - April 26, 2010 Reply

grat, thanks. Bringen *.edu Links mehr, als normale Links?

Avio karte - June 27, 2010 Reply

Didn’t even know such information and techniques existed. Thanks so much!

Satellite distribution - August 4, 2010 Reply

Nice article, thanks for sharing this information. In my point of view getting back-links from edu sites are good for all of us.

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