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The Impact of Social Media and Blogging on Public Relations: A Podcast

Do Public Relations people need to re-strategize and work in Social Media tactics alongside their standard Press Release tactics? Are power-bloggers taking away significant mind-share from traditional news media sites? Are bloggers slowly replacing media sites… hence forcing PR people to include them as part of their online PR plans? Here Steve Rubel, Edelman Public […]

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1 Using Twitter To Build and Engage Your Audience

Twitter is a new social media service that is being used by many power bloggers to keep in touch with their audience on a more personal level. It is called “micro-blogging” and rests somewhere between Blogging and Email. The basic concept is that you can subscribe to get short and brief commentary in the form […]

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A Rare Technorati Traffic Tip

On 31st January 2007, Technorati (blog search engine), introduced a new feature in their website called “Where’s The Fire?“. This feature is akin to a social voting system like that found in Digg, Delicious, Reddit and StumbleUpon amongst other Social Media sites. The difference here is that the traffic you get will be highly targeted […]

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