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The Power Of Getting Others To Sell For You

Selling through your own direct channels may only get you so far. Once your product is ready and the market responds positively, it is almost absolutely essential to start exploring channels whereby you get others to sell your product – that is, Affiliate Marketing or forming Joint Venture Partnerships. Creating an effective online Affiliate Program […]

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9 The Gold is in the Facebook News Feed & Mini Feed

While many small, mid-sized and large institutions are figuring out if Facebook can be used to market and brand their businesses – one can use Facebook to promote their services without shelling out any cash directly to Facebook. The tricks and techniques are perfectly legal and won’t get you banned from Facebook. Before I begin […]

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1 Using Twitter To Build and Engage Your Audience

Twitter is a new social media service that is being used by many power bloggers to keep in touch with their audience on a more personal level. It is called “micro-blogging” and rests somewhere between Blogging and Email. The basic concept is that you can subscribe to get short and brief commentary in the form […]

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1 Get started with your Social Media Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing involves online marketing using the power of Web2.0 sites – which are basically websites that have content that is submitted and shared by its community of users. The users decide what is popular, of quality and worth sharing. They become “prosumers” … that is producers and consumers. Unless you have been living […]

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