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The Impact of Social Media and Blogging on Public Relations: A Podcast

Do Public Relations people need to re-strategize and work in Social Media tactics alongside their standard Press Release tactics? Are power-bloggers taking away significant mind-share from traditional news media sites? Are bloggers slowly replacing media sites… hence forcing PR people to include them as part of their online PR plans? Here Steve Rubel, Edelman Public […]

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9 The Gold is in the Facebook News Feed & Mini Feed

While many small, mid-sized and large institutions are figuring out if Facebook can be used to market and brand their businesses – one can use Facebook to promote their services without shelling out any cash directly to Facebook. The tricks and techniques are perfectly legal and won’t get you banned from Facebook. Before I begin […]

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1 The Beginning of The Death of Google Search and Page Rank?

A very interesting series of thoughts came to miy mind yesterday, that I thought must be shared with readers. Its surrounded on one idea (that may sound very impossible) Google Search does have an Achilles’ Heel !! While Page Rank and the Google indexing algorithm was powerful and unique enough to catapult it to a […]

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