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Article Marketing is one way to get incoming links / backlinks directly to your site – which can result in higher Page Rank and Google Love for your main site as well as get some direct traffic from readers of the article. Since some of the top article sites are trusted sites, if you can post an article and then do some clever off-page SEO by mass bookmarking your article as well as submitting a few posts to Social Media sites like Squidoo, Webly, Blogspot, WordPress etc. and creating links with desired anchor text backlinking to your article – its quite possible that your Article Site will rise up the ranks of Google quickly for the keyword you target. Ofcourse, the results differ from niche to niche – but you can test it out for some non-competitive keywords. The key startegy would be to check if any of your competition is using this trick and replicate it, if they are with your own articles and content.

Here are a few Power Tips to keep in mind while adding your article to the Article Sites…

Tip 1. Make sure your title is catchy and contains your keyword placed somewhere in the beginning. Thats very good for SEO. If possible, try and repeat the keyword in the headline. Somehow Google likes that. Don’t repeat it more than once and feel free to add another meaningful word in-between so it looks genuine and real. Remember, the title must be catch and must draw the reader into reading the rest of your article.

Tip 2.  While writing the main body of the articl, there is absolutely no need to describe the entire product or service or whatver topic you are discussing. The goal of posting an article on an Article site is to draw the reader into reading the subject and get them interested so they click through to visit your main site. Ofcourse, getting a juicy backlink from good Page Rank sites is also one of the main reasons for Article Marketing. So, don’t pack your article with the complete information. Write a few interesting points keeping your article to within 300 to 500 words only and in the end, have a call to action – some sort of link, that they have to click, in order to keep reading on. You must keep your reader engrossed and get them to click through by giving them some good freebie points and power tips – keeping them interested and wanting to click that link! Also, make sure you break up your article into short parapgraphs and have short sentences that are easy to digest and read quickly.

Tip 3. Make sure your Keyword Density for your target keyword floats around the 1% to 2% mark – and make sure you include yor seed keyword along with instances of branched out long tail keywords that are related to it. So, if you have a 200 word article – you need to have your keyword and its branches appear atleast 2 to 4 times. I would put the main keyword twice (in addition to the headline) and then have branched out keywords the rest of the 2 times.

Tip 4. This may be obvious, but many of us miss this in a hurry. Don’t make any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Please proof read your article prior to commiting the sibmission.

Tip 5. The Bio Box (or the Resource Box) – This is where you (the author) have to put in a little bit of information about yourself. I suggest you don’t brag about your features and abilities. This is the space where you want to tell the reader what benefit they will get by coming to your site. Don’t bore the reader with a sales pitch. Give them a concrete benefit and tell them how your product or service will get them to achieve their goals. Keep it catchy and interesting. Make it like a concise advertsiement where you have a few words to catch their attention – without being too “salesy”.

Tip 6. If your intention is to build your name and brand – then use your real name or brand name.

Tip 7. You may submit the same article without changing its content to multiple Article Sites, and not get penalized by Google. If you have only a couple of articles that you are submitting to around top 5 to 10 Article sites, you can do this task manually. If you are going to be doing this regularly and submit a large number of articles to a large number of sites then its best you use some of the automated Article Submission Softwares out there in the market. However, I would still suggest you submit to the top 5 Article Sites manually and do the rest of the submissions with the softwares. I’ll come back another day and post some of these software in the commets to this post.

Finally, here is a list of around 100 top Article Sites / Article Directories listed by page rank.

And here is the 400+ Mega Article Sites list listed alphabetically.

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Internet Marketing Alchemy - January 6, 2010 Reply

Excellent article!

I submit articles now and then and the best tip I can provide is… change your resource box and article title/s when submitting to a different sites.

You never know which one is going to do better than the other.

A good article robot is articlepostrobot, it works great but you do have to sign up with all of the article sites manually.

henry@phoenix arizona - March 8, 2010 Reply

Hii you have a nice list of articles but it may be more helpful if you have given detail about which one of these directories are auto approved.
Anyhow I just wanted to know if submitting auto approved directories worth.

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