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For those of you who may be interested in setting up a niche video sharing script website based on the Youtube video sharing Social Media model – there are plenty of php video scripts out there that will basically allow you to easily setup a Youtube clone website. I have worked with a lot of them – specifically the top popular ones, and this post is a brief review of video share scripts. These scripts can be installed on solo websites or within a sub-domain or folder within your current existing website. While there are now plenty of video script out their (many of them just re-writes and refurbished clones of original ones), the scripts I review below are the ones that are on the top of the list.

PHPmotion – This is a free, opensource script and a good startig point if you do not have the money, but would like to experiment to see what kind of traffic your video niche portal can attract. I would not recommend it to anyone who is serious. It works well, but the design templates and the functionality is not that great. But, if you are on a shoestring budget and all you want to do is throw up something quickly and cheap – you can try this. Score: 7/10  >>> PHPmotion

Clip-Share – One of the initial players in this space. Has amazing graphical and layout templates that can be purchased in addition to the 4 basic templates that come pre-packaged. This is a solid video sharing script and a highly recommended choice for the serious. They sell 2 different versions – a Lite version at $99 and a Pro version at $199. You can purchase additional Web2.0 look-and-feel design template for $100 each. The template files can easily be customized as you wish. I had no problem whatsoever with their support and they were prompt to answer and get back to me with solutions to the problems I faced. If you have the budget go for this one. Recently GodTube.com that uses their script got a funding round of $30 million. Score: 10/10    >>> Clip-Share *** THE WINNER ***

Rayyz.net – This script is not just a video sharing script. It is a complete Social Media website that has has video, photo, music, files, articles, games, blogs and community networking built into the dash board. If you’re looking for a more than just video and a full fledged script of Social Networking around various media – then take a look at this script. Athough, I have not personally tested this script or worked with it – it seems to be alright. the price is a bit steep at $418. If you are serious about setting up a Social Netowrking site around media sharing content, it would be better if you installed Boonex (which has a free version). However, dont strike out Rayzz from your list – as it is quite powerful in its own way (it focuses more on the Social Media sharing tools and aspect than the Social Networking aspect, which is what Boonex does). Score 6.5/10 >>> Rayyz.net

Attachmax (script not available anymore) – This script will allow users to download the videos in addition to viewing them streamed. The script comes with a basic database of videos so you can have pre-populated content on your site. While the layout and graphic design may suit some people, I thought the script was pretty average and not too focused. At $$ , this may be a good buy to some of you. Score: 6/10

Alstrasoft Video Share Enterprise – Stay far far away from this one. Its got holes in it and the people behind it have a very bad reputation. I don’t want to bash them too much, but just do a search on Google with their name and you will see what other disgruntled people are saying on various forums. At $300 this is a complete waste of money (even though I would not pay even $10 for it). You have been warned! Score: 0/10  >>>Alstrasoft Video Share

MediaMax Script with Media Hosting, same as Video Watch Pro – This video script is a recent re-branding of Video Watch Pro. They have videos, pitcure, audio and social networking too – built into this script. The site and demo looks pretty impressive at $299 and they even have a Google Adsense flash video integration – which will allow you to earn more money within the flash player. I have read elsewhere that their customer service is not up to mark – but this is not from a confirmed source. I think – you are good to go if you like their look and feel and functionality. Quite impressive. Score: 7.5/10  >>> Video Watch Pro

VShare – This is the script with the highest value-for-money at $10 … but remember, you get what you pay for! The features are very advanced and their are plenty of them. I was quite taken by surprise to see the amount of features this script had packed into it – such as, alternate video server uploading, youtube direct embedding etc. The only big drawback was the graphical template… it looked a bit ordinary. So, if you have the time and resources to alter template files – then i recommend this script highly. Although there are a few vendors on their site forums who are selling alternate templates, I am yet to see one which is “professional looking”. Also, I’d like to point out that their support and forums are extremely good and I got answers very quickly. Install this script if you have the ability to dabble around with the template and improve its basic look. Score: 7/10  >>> VShare

osTube – This script is a media sharing model and offers Video, Photo, Audio, Documents, Community and Blogs. The pre-packaged templates look quite impressive and the functionality and video player look good. I don’t have any idea what it costs – but you should test drive their free version, which has limited features, before you buy their paid versions. They are definitely the most impressive “media sharing” scripts out their from what I can see. May not have as many functions as Rayzz (above), but definitely a better and sleeker dashboard – although I dont know how the engine is under the hood. On what i’ve seen and assuming this script works well, I give them – Score: 7.5/10  >>> osTube

PHPmelody – If you’re looking to setup a Music Videos website, then this is script is fantastic. It does not allow you and your visitors to directly upload videos to the site – but one can embed videos from Youtube – which is a fantastic feature, as not only does it save bandwidth and server resources but it also allows you to quickly add content. They also have a neat “keyword” based search that the admin can use to find videos on Youtube and add them with one click! The video script comes pre-packaged with thousands of pre-populated music videos – if you want to get content included right away. A breeze to install, and definitely worth the price at $39 with additional layout templates at $10 to $19. Support is excellent and prompt. Score: 10/10 if you are creating a Music Video website.  >>> PHPmelody

VidiScript – I added this one later as I read about it in a forum. The script is free, and it looked pretty decent (front end) – with ability to show pre-roll ads, insert text banner ads inside video player, a decent flash player, and two not-so-good light and dark templates (that can always be improved by you). VidiScript not only supports Videos, but now also supports Audio, Photo and Flash Game uploads. I dont know how stable this script is and how it will hold up for a busy site, but… hey… its free! and so definitely worth a try. Score: 8/10 (based on what I saw in the front end demo)  >>> VidiScript (link may not work)

Conclusion: I suggest that you pick and choose from the scripts above and if you are selecting one not listed above you do your homework well – as their are many clones and copies of pre-existing scripts out their with holes in them. My final recommendation and the *** THE WINNER *** is >>> Clip-Share

Added Later: Take a look at Clip-Bucket too. Its free and open sourced. And you get what you pay for… its not very fancy looking, but will do for low end sites and if you know how to fancy up your video sharing site. I am not sure how secure it is and how it performs when measured up with the scripts above, as I had a quick look at the front end, but did not install it or use it on a site of my own. I must say for free price, the templates, the player the look and feel are HIGHLY professional and  the folks behind it have done a great job in making a very neat user interface and front end. By the looks of it – this is going to be a killer video sharing script … and will probably put behind vhsare and phpmotion – if the backend lives up to the quality of the front end. I can’t wait to install this on a site and see how it performs. Check back here in about 2 weeks to see my feedback, or simply leave a comment and subscribe to this post via email.

Also, take a look at this upcoming neat mass video populator, that claims that it will allow you to mass populate and add videos to your video site (all scripts above are supported), in a few clicks. The price, I believe is the only downside as they have gone in for a bulk pricing, which works out to around 10 cents a video – steep I thought, for someone who wants to add say 1000 videos. Its a web based remote service.

Another new video script VideoWatchPro (same as MediaMaxScript folks) is not great, and scores around 5/10, from a brief look. I haven’t seen it in depth – but it doesn’t look to be anything worth spending more time on.

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Isles Tech - June 4, 2008 Reply

This is just great! Thanks for this list.

agriya - June 5, 2008 Reply

Easy to use, no major issues. Decent video quality, audio sounds compressed.

Mark Reed - June 7, 2008 Reply

Hi Really enjoyed reading your article comparing the various YouTube clone scripts.
After doing your research did you come to any kind of a consensus as to what was the size of this market?

How many people have downloaded the various video share scripts ?
What is the market share that the various scripts enjoy it terms of a percentage of the whole.

If you aren’t sure would appreciate you giving me an educated guess.


Vishal - June 7, 2008 Reply

I think currently there are probably over 2,000,000 various video sharing sites and portals that allow users to upload and share videos. (note : this includes portals that have a video sharing feature).

I believe that every day probably around 5000 new video sharing sites are created, or portals add video sharing functionality. Many of these use current solutions above or even MODS of their current CMS.

Before I go on to market share analysis, I’d like to point out that many of the scripts available in the market are direct offshoots of the very first video share script that came in to the market. I’ve done a lot of digging around and found that the initial script was probably stolen from some site. (it seems like it was stolen from Youtube itself because i have seen a LOT of references to youtube in the code of this very early script). Then this script has been modified and patched (yes, it had many holes in it).

As far as market share for each script. Here is my guess…

Alstrasoft was the first in the market and made a ton of cash. However, this did not last too long as their script had holes and support was terrible.

Then Clip-share came along and stole their market from right under their nose with a better patched up product and better customer support and reviews. I believe they are the biggest player in their price range.

There are other expensive ones also in this price range, like Rayzz and osTube – but I would not recommend them for that price. Clip-share is clearly the leader in that price range ($200 to $300). The other 2 scripts need polishing up.

In the cheaper .. under $10 / free range … I suppose vshare.in is great (I have used it and its pretty good and allows youtube embedding also.. and batch uploads db population and also multiple server load sharing I believe). Only downside is their template which sucks. So, you will have to improve it. There are a couple of developers selling template mods for $7 but they are not up to mark. If vshare can improve the templates, then they would be my best choice. vidiscript is also VERY GOOD at a price of ZERO dollars! Their template is also pretty half decent but needs improvement. The features are awesome.. although I have not installed this script as yet… but the free flash player and all the low cost add-ons look nice. PHP motion is a free open source script that I believe still needs more work to become professional… its a good script to dabble with and has most of the standard features of videoshare scripts… but I thought it could be better and also have a better template. phpmelody is only if you want to create a collection of embedded music videos from youtube… but it can be extended to creating an aggregation site for embedded videos in general from youtube with some text modifications. They have some very good templates for $10 to $20.

So, my suggestion is – if you have $200 , go for Clip-share. If you don’t have that much – then settle for vshare or vidiscript.

Finally, my fuzzy logic guess for global video sharing site statistics are …

1. 25 to 50 video scripts sold daily in the $200 to $300 range.
2. 100 to 150 video scripts sold daily in the $10 range
3. 2000 to 3000 free versions of video scripts are downloaded daily
4. Around 5,000 new dedicated video sharing sites are being created daily
5. 250,000 (may be double this) + bloggers are newly adding video functionality daily to their blog
6. There are some video scripts for the very high end portals market that sell for $10,000+. If I were to guess, I would say around 10 of these scripts are sold daily.

Vishal - June 7, 2008 Reply

One more point – if you get on Ebay you will find many merchants selling video share scripts for $10 and less. I would NOT recommend you do this as the scripts are buggy, have holes, there is no support and this will be a complete waste of $10. You have been warned!

Mark Reed - June 14, 2008 Reply

Thanks Vishal for your most recent update . We have had a number of clients who started off with scripts purchased form ebay and you are right a total waste of money.

i hope you could comment on 1 thing that doesn’t seem to follow given your estimates above.

When I look at the number of scripts installed daily I’m not able to find a corresponding number of key word searches that are conducted on the search engines on this topic. Now there are potentially all kinds of reasons why that could be the case and I’m not calling into questions your estimates just trying to get my head around the why of it.

Some of the search terms I’ve looked at include youtube clones, youtube clone scripts, youtube clone hosting, youtube clone software, video share, video share scripts, video share hosting, video share software, Video hosting and a number of others.
But because i see such small volume of searches on the search engines then either I’m missing some obvious key word choices or the purchasers of the scripts are using a different form of researching before they make there decision.

Either way I am very interested in getting your take on this.

All the Best


Vishal - June 14, 2008 Reply


Most of the savvy webmasters out there who setup sites search for scripts on script directories like hotscripts.com and check out reviews on them on webmaster forums.

I think that the bulk of querries and searching for video scripts happen on them. Probably a LOT. Thats my guess. Again, I could be wrong here… while you are right about Google keyword numbers … by guess is that maybe only a very few number of people (who will eventually setup a video site on their own) will start their. They would also gravitate to workexchange, elance, rentacoder etc.

Perhaps one good way would be to lurk hotscripts.com’s listing of VideoShare, Clip-share, and other youtube / video scripts for a week on a daily basis… and jot down the TOTAL “hits” on a daily basis. That will give you a good idea. Say what?

Mark Reed - June 15, 2008 Reply


Doing a new PPC campaign this weekend and would like to link to your blog here as well as quote some of the information with your permission. and look forward to you contacting me first.


Don - July 5, 2008 Reply

Dude check the Clip-bucket.com i installed it and check it. and that script is really killer believe me. from my point it crossed Clipshare as in the term of functionality for the normal user. that is really awesome script. The forum support is also the 10/10 get replies very fast. even the admin took cpanel details to look at your site for free . they are providing support better the paid support and that is for free

shkauni - July 9, 2008 Reply

Well, yes. It seems that clip bucket is really good. I was about to buying clip-share script when then I read this. What do you think about this script?

shkauni - July 9, 2008 Reply

What do you think about hosting a video sharing site? I am about to start one in a niche area, Should I go for shared hosting or VPS (I don’t have lot of money).

Vishal - July 9, 2008 Reply

Clip-share is fantastic, and it beats the competitors by miles. If you have $200 – go for it! It also has MODS like Youtube video grabber… which basically grabs videos from Youtube (all you need to do is neter the URL). This grabs the video and converts and stores it on your server (this is not embedding). It also has a feature that allows you to embedd videos from almost any video site …shows the third party site player and uses their bandwidth. This feature comes by default. Also, check out the server load balancing feature … which allows you to create separate server farms incase your site takes off! I dont see the competition coming even close to them – specially the free ones – IF YOU ARE SERIOUS – THEN THIS IS THE SOLUTION YOU SEEK. Look no where else. If you are just playing around and want a little bit of traffic – then try the free ones.

Vishal - July 9, 2008 Reply

@shkauni – yes, start with a VPS plan for around $18 or so at JaguarPC.

chris - July 10, 2008 Reply

i install the Clipbucket and man it really rocks. In my opinion it cross clipshare as well. this is my opinion because for 0$ i got very flexible and powerful script and forum support is better then the paid one. I saw sometimes admin checking the website themselves. They really done a great Job

nick - July 19, 2008 Reply

phpMotion and Clipshare code are based on the same initial set of code. Who came first?



Vishal - July 19, 2008 Reply

Clip-share came before phpmotion. Alteast 1 year before. Although the very first guy was Alstrasoft, I believe… and perhaps a couple of eBay sellers hawking it for $10 to $100.

youtube clone script - August 19, 2008 Reply

To our knowledge there are 21 youtube clone scripts all listed on scriptcopy.com

stonerocket - August 31, 2008 Reply


I think Vishal is somehow related to Clipshare as everybody is talking about the rating and reviews and he is always saying that clipshare is the best. Well i purchased the clipshare. and it really sucks , terrible support and full of crap , just greedy people wont give any support unless you pay them 50$, this is full of crap.

Vishal please update your knowledge.

Besides Clipshare i recomend to go for clipbucket or Phpmotion as both are free. But Clipbucket seems to be The real stuff. i just install both and testing things out. boths seems to be stable but in feature offcourse clipbucket is way up. So up to know Clipbucket is the Best.

Keesjan - September 3, 2008 Reply

@Vishal: thank you for your great overview. Are you related to Clipshare?

vishal - September 3, 2008 Reply

@keesjan + @stonerocket – i am NOT affiliated with Clipshare in any way whatsoever. I just run a site that uses it. I’ve tried many solutions and its only my opinion that they are pretty much a front-runner by far. Like I said, if you can’t afford the price, then settle for the cheaper / free alternatives.

Keesjan - September 4, 2008 Reply

@Vishal: I did also not believed you where connected, yust wanted you to responce 😉
do you know if adsence in video like in MediaMax Script and Video Watch Pro is legal? As of my knowledge the http://www.google.com/ads/videoadsolutions/publisher.html program is still in beta and for USA only? I also saw it on http://www.bitsontherun.com/features/ but they will have this feature on the market in 2009.

Jenny - September 15, 2008 Reply

Have you taken a look at one of the latest scripts released?


Great features, nice support, they even offer hosting. One negative I have found is that their admin demo is outdated and is a demo of the previous version, not the last one.

metab - May 26, 2009 Reply

Rayzz company have very bad support
script also very hard to custom and very hard to integrate template .
company make it hard to ask customer for more money to make any small custom
script price 297$
template 700$
modules are very costly
also language when you need to another language you have to pay 50$ if you translate by your self you have to edit 188 files

support is very bad you have to wait 2 days minimum to get replay

message for company
more money + bad support + hard to custom = lose customer

XTC - June 21, 2009 Reply

Please dudes, when you are all considering a video/social media website script DO NOT put great importance on embedding YouTube videos – if people want YouTube videos they will go to YouTube, NOT your website… and besides, we, the users, are fed up with tube this and tube that names and lookalike websites…

If you want a successful social networking website based on the scripts mentioned above then this is what to look for:

Ease Of Modification #1: Some are encrypted/partially encrypted such as PHPMotion, OSTube, Handshakes… If they require you have PHPShield or Zend installed then avoid these scripts because you will never be able to completely mod them to your liking.

Easy Of Modification #2: Some scripts may well perform mostly as you want them, but when the time comes to make changes are they easy or difficult to mod?
Avoid Handshakes, PHPMotion, Rayzz, OSDate – they are so dreadfully complex that all you will get is frustrated with a headache.
MediaMax, PHPFox are easier to work with and change to suit your own personal preferences.

Templates: In general the ability for MEMBERS to switch templates with just a click is cool (like MySpace) – few scripts offer this feature, although of those that do it can be considered a positive asset for your future members.

For what it’s worth be aware that some of the scripts above are not all equal – some are VIDEO only social sharing scripts while others are MEDIA social sharing scripts – do consider if the ability to share AUDIOS, IMAGES etc is, or perhaps will be important in the future.

I have tested all the above scripts on Wamp local server – MOST just have not got it right, and require mods and changes to the original scripts (just try looking for VIDEO CATEGORIES on those scripts if you dont believe me)

In my opinion, the best and closest to getting it right, and easy to mod so far are PHPFox and MediaMAX closely followed by VShare, Clipbucket.

Patrick Przybilla - October 8, 2009 Reply

I cannot believe that somebody gives clipshare such a good rating … did somebody looked to the code?

Its procedural downwritten crap and when you try to extend functionality you ll end up in a mess of includes which is a performace killer.

I would recommend using a OS CMS / Framework which has the capabillity of video integration rather then buying that crap.

sibichan - October 12, 2009 Reply

iam using vShare. we can download from http://vshare.in

great support , great work

Q - October 21, 2009 Reply

Are there any video sharing scripts that would work on a shared server like GoDaddy?

Please email me..

serversecureid - November 17, 2009 Reply

Sick of PHPmotion Powered by: at the bottom of your free script?
Well now you can VANISH it. Its as simple as uploading a file. Not only is it simple it is not in violation of any copyrights.
It doesn’t remove the Powered by:
It doesn’t Change the Powered by:
It simply makes it vanish from visitors to your site.
It is still there never been touched. It can still be read in the source area. So it violates no agreements.
The code creates the illusion to make it VANISH. Check for your self at the bottom of our demo page. http://serversecureid.com/
Then check out the source for yourself. Then test it yourself for FREE on your site.
The Powered by:  will not be removed from the admin section.
Not that it matters you are the only one who works in that area.
(Only works with PHPmotion Version2 STABLE at this time)

Rishi - December 9, 2009 Reply

Guys i am planning to launch a video site, I am considering 2 options:

Option A: Get video Embedding Script only, This would be easy, economical and scalable later on.

Website would host only other website videos, you would save money on bandwidth and also Server, otherwise you would require dedicated server with lots of memory. I have calculated the required space for 1500 videos would be somewhere 80 GB.

PROS: Option A is good if you are trying to launch a site quickly and economically.

CONS: NO option for branding on Player which is most important for Ads, hence less Ad revenue. Also hard marketing and SEO. Hard to manage Videos. Traffic can be easily diverted to Main Video site.

Option B: Fully working site like youtube.

PROS: More Ad revenue, Videos can be managed easily, can create a nich video site with own videos. Can have own Video Player (HQ Player as well). Video Ads

CONS: Expensive to buy a script, Needs high class server (Atleast VPS hosting with 80 GB Memory). This is time consuming, hard to get and upload videos.

Conclusion: For a single person Option A is good and if there are 3 or 4 persons doing the work i would say go for Option B.

Let me know your views as well.

Also which is the best known script for only Embedding the Videos from other site.

Vishal - December 9, 2009 Reply

@Rishi – go for PHPmelody

Rishi - December 9, 2009 Reply

@Vishal – Did you check http://www.embedmax.com/ let me know your views on this site as well. I am also comparing both but embedmax.com got better and more features.

Let me know your views as well.

Mihai Simion - January 13, 2010 Reply

Thanks for your comprehenisive review. I decided to go with PHP Melody as well.

For me, good support is more important than anything else.

VidiJoe - February 22, 2010 Reply

Hello everyone, Joe from VidiScript here. Thought I would drop by and give you all an update that VidiScript is now open source and released under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3 (GPL)

To set the record straight, none of the other free scripts mentioned are true open source. Read the terms of the licenses for yourself.

Lia - March 30, 2010 Reply

attachmax has a new website


chris - April 10, 2010 Reply

I originally set up my sites with Clip Share but did not like it, I then migrated to phpmotion for our site http://www.zedclips.com and have nothing but praise for phpmotion!

phil - April 19, 2010 Reply

I’m chasing a GPL you-tube clone that will work easilly with rtmp out of wowza – all I’ve seen want local uploads – is there anything out there? Not forgetting the ‘easilly’ part as I am pretty much a newb to this.

thanks for any info you can give

The Internets Top Surveys - July 30, 2010 Reply

Thanks for the detailed options of scripts available. There really are a lot of scripts to choose from and each of the scripts has their own strengths & weaknesses. It’s very clear up there what each can do and it’s a matter of choosing which suits your needs.
I like PHPmelody though. I like embedding videos which really is one good feature. A lot of useful stuff you can share from there.

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