Tips for Creating a Successful Landing Page for Signing up Visitors

The landing page, in this article, will be the URL on which your site visitors come to your webpage and sign up for your offer. It is the first impression when they click on a link to jump to your website. I am going to assume that you are selling something on this landing page and/or wanting the user to sign up to receive offers via email.

If you are doing an online promotion campaign – your landing page can be the difference in your campaign being successful or failing miserably. Keep the points below in mind while trying to make the most successful landing page possible. Remember, as your campaign goes on, if you are not getting good results, you can quickly and cleverly “tweak” your landing page to check out how small changes (that you think are important) affect the user beaviour. Sometimes, a good intuitive tweak can double your results.

First impressions are very important, and a smart design can ensure you get the conversions you desire.

Note: Things that go through your visitors mind while on your site –

Am I in the right place?
Is this site trustworthy?
How much time will it take for me to complete the offer?
Should I accept this offer at all?

Use the following four steps to increase conversions and limit the users above concerns.

1. Eliminate All Distractions

You must keep the design simple and as a priority focus on addressing the above user concerns. Eliminate unneeded links or flashy images that can distract the visitor and focus on your marketing message and your call to action.

2. Keep the Page Focused on what your intention is.

There is no need to include information on other products that you are not trying to get the conversion If you want to sell something – focus on selling it. If you want to get opt-in sign ups – then make sure you have a clearly visible and well positioned form, asking them to subscribe or sign up!

3. Keep your Sign-up Short

Keep the information fields required to be filled up to a minimum. If you are signing up for a newsletter, just get the email address and name of the visitor. Collecting the name will allow you to personalize your pitch and emails to them in the future. The rest of the information is unimportant at this point, and will only deter visitors from converting.

4. Show the Visitor you Have a Trustworthy Site

Include any association logos for associations you are a member of above the fold. Associations like BBBOnline, trustE etc. can prove you are a trustworthy company to the visitor. You can also use resources such as TrustGauge to get a trust score which you can display on your site.

Using the above techniques should absolutely help increase your conversion rate if your landing page.

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