Three Web2.0 promotion Tricks

Trick #1 – Video Watermark URL

Make a video on your topic. It could be you talking about a related topic or a screen cam recording of doing something related on the PC, etc. – and then put your site watermark URL on the video and upload it on Youtube and other popular global online video websites. Some people even take snippets from other videos that dont belong to them and put their watermark on it.

Trick #2 – Commenting For Traffic

Visit the top blogs of your topic and comment on them quickly before others do. Watch out for new posts and write something relevant – not spam, and a fraction of people who read your comments will visit your site!

Trick #3 – Get your free ebook on and Torrent is like Youtube bot for any and all types of documents. If you have an ebook that you are offering as a free download on your website – you should also put it up on and “seed” it on Torrent website – so people start downloading it. Make sure you include your web URL and your affiliate links in the free ebook – so you get the click traffic once it is passed around and shared by readers.

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