The Power of Freebies

Many renowned marketers say that… the best way to sell is not to sell initially. Give your customers something for free. Something that has value. That builds their trust in you. Something, that shows that you are an expert in your industry. This will get their guard down – so to speak … and they will be receptive in hearing more and more from you. Once you gain their confidence – they will “listen” to you if you recommend a good buy to them. That’s when you can move in and sell to them with a much higher hit rate.

Using a good email system to send out regular newsletters and information of value to them, on an ongiong basis will allow you to “work your way into” their mindset, gradually. 

You can use a couple of good “autoresponder systems” out there to automatically broadcast a fixed series of email at regular intervals for visitors who sign up on your website. Each person will get exactly the same stream of emails at your pre-defined regular intervals. They will all go through the same “email pitch” and same set of email messages – that you can define. Once setup, these autoresponder systems will automate the entire sequential email process for you – and once setup you can literally sit back and watch the cash flow in!

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