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SEO Tips

Here’s a quick list of tips and techniques for those who are just venturing into the SEO space or already have some knowledge. I don’t claim what I am writing below is revolutionary in any way. Its what everyone should know if they are considering optimizing their site for the Search Engines, in particular, Google.

SEO Tip #1. Get into Google’s head – think and act like Google. Understand what PageRank is and how Google rewards pages for having good PageRank and inbound links. This is the very basic that you ought to know. I wont go into details here, and if you’re a noob (newbie), just look it up.

Tip #2. Make sure the keywords you choose are not highly competitive. You want keywords which have high searches and minimum competition. When you blog or add content to your site make sure you do on-site optimization in the best possible manner. This means that you must include your keyword in the title of your post and atleast 2 to 3 times in the body. Just do it. Don’t ask why. Google likes this.

Tip #3. Focus first on good “onpage optmization” as they call it. Try and have atleast 2 to 3 variants of your primary “keyword” in your title. Example – “Download Album Name | Review of Album Name | Free Album Name” . Google likes titles like this. Make sure your body of the article includes one of these variants atleast 2 to 3 times. You can also write these keywords in bold for better effect. Write naturally and optimize naturally also – dont go about spamming and repeating the keywords too much. You can search for your keyword on Google and see how the resulting pages are going about their on-page optimization and try to copy them. Why? … because its working for them! Make sure you bold your keywords and italicize them too for additional benefit. Aim for around 3% to 5% keyword density. Try to include your target keywords in your domain name or permalink URL.

Make sure to include your keywords in –
. your site’s title tags
. your headings
. at the top of the page
. in the middle of the page
. at the bottom of the page

Tip #4. Offpage Optmization – once your article or post is done and live, you need to go about building your links… “link building strategy” is what they call this. Basically, go to RELEVANT blogs, RELEVANT forums, RELEVANT directories, RELEVANT portals and write INTELLIGENT and thought provoking stuff – all the time linking back to your post with a varying set of 4 to 5 combination keywords. These keywords or “anchor text” as they are called – should all point back to your specific page that you are trying to optimize. They should all have a common keywords set and the rest of the anchor text link can be different. Example – Download Movie Name, Watch Movie Name, Free Torrent Movie Name. So now, if I find 20 forums in my niche, and I go into them and read the posts and find a relevant post where I can post a comment and link back to my site – then I can use my first keyword variant on it. Then I hop on to the next forum or blog or whatever RELATED CONTENT site and post my second set of keywords on it… all the time linking back to the same URL post on my site. Don’t do this too fast. Do about 15 a day. Go to related places on Social Media sites too. Also, remember that the pages must have do-follow turned on, so you get the PageRank love.

Ranking for “long tail keywords” is relatively easier to achieve than going for popular keywords. Aim to find keywords that have less than 10,000 to 20,000 competing sites… by just going to Google and searching for your keyword or keyphrase within quotes.

Tip #5. You can simply study what your competition is doing and copy them AND do more than them. That will ensure you overtake them in the rankings for those keywords. This is a very good strategy and there is a great piece of software called SEO Elite that can help you manage this whole process efficiently and perfectly. I strongly suggest you get a hold of it. Read the free copy of SEO Elite to get into SEO more deeply if you are just starting out. This is an absolute must have for anyone who wants to trounce their competition quickly. Get SEO Elite here.

Tip #6. You need to find a sweet spot between the number of searches being conducted for your keyword and the number of sites that show up. Its a bit of an art and you’ll get a grip of it with practice.

Tip #7. Make sure your URLs and page titles are “permalinks” format and spell out your title / keywords.

Tip #8. While posting on your site try linking to other articles within your site. Google likes this.

This ends the first part of basic SEO tips that I recommend everyone should know. I will cover some more in depth tricks and techniques in my next post that will be titled Advanced SEO Tips. You may want to download and read Google’s list of what NOT to do during SEO.

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