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While commenting on popular high traffic blogs or social media sites that are relvant to your niche – there is one golden rule you can follow, to ensure that you get additional highly targeted traffic to your site.

Whats that? Well – just make sure to comment early on… specially on topics that you believe have potential to be read a lot.

That is, you should be one of the initial people to post a comment on the blog, video, forum, digg … whatever social media site. This way, people who post follow up comments or read the post – will probably read your comment with a much higher probability than if it were tucked in way down somewhere in the large list of comments. This simple trick will help in getting you a fair amount of extra traffic specially if the blog post goes on to be read and commented on a lot. Make sure to include your site URL in the Site URL text box form. You can also additionally include a url to a relevant post on your site. Just make sure that the content of that url is relevant to this blog post and your comment. It must have value for readers. Most importantly – there is no point commenting early on if you dont write something intelligent, thought provoking, controversial or that catches the attention of readers. This is very essential. Don’t just comment stupidly by saying “good post. now read this”. It will get ignored and chucked out if the blogger decides to moderate the post and you will be wasting your time. If you are a regular blog commentor, I am sure you know what I am trying to say, and you have come across several catchy comments that have caught your eye and attention. So, try to do the same … except do it early on in the comment stream!

The only problem here is… how the heck do you anticipate or get informed  immediately as soon as a fresh blog post is made? Just how do you track when a blogger makes a new post on an immediate basis?

Some of you may be thinking – well I can subscribe for updates via RSS feed systems like Feedburner. Unfortunately, this will not suit the purpose we are trying to acieve as these Feed subscription services do not send out the feed alerts on an immediate basis – which is what we want!

So, there are a few easy ways in which you can alert yourself immediately. Here they are …

(1) Twitter Tweets

Get on Twitter (read this Basics of Twitter post, if you don’t know what it is and sign up if you havent already). If you have been around in your niche industry for a fair amount of time – you know who the leaders are… who the public speakers are … the micro-celebrities … the evangilists… and you probably read their blogs too. Now, search for these micro-celebrities in your niche who are on Twitter and join them. Many of them send out tweets as soon as they make a post on their blog. If you watch for these tweets via your IM or SMS, then you will get to know about a new post as soon as it happens. There is only one flaw with this system, and that is that some of these bloggers do not send out tweets for every post they make. There is no other way to find out other than by following them on Twitter and listiening for a week or two. Also, take a look at this list of most popular Twitters. This method can only be applied to monitoring blogs.

(2) Does the blogger follow a regualr daily posting schedule?

Try and figure out the best time the blogger posts new articles. If they are regular in their posts and for example liek to post at 12pm noon time, then you can lurk around at this time to see if a new post is up. This method may not be accurate and effective if the blogger does not have a pre-fixed daily time in which he adds content to the site.

(3) Ask them!

Perhaps, you can make good friends with them and ask them point blank in an email – if they have any specific times and days when they make new posts

(4) Monitoring page updates with a page monitoring service

This is by far the most effective method. Sign up with one the many “web page change detection” services. Some are free. Basically, they will alert you everytime any page / URL that you specify undergoes an update / change in content. They will send you an email. Some may even send an SMS alert or an Instant Message alert… but, probably if offered these may be a paid features and add ons. The point is that you probably wont need an SMS as you cant really comment easily while on the move, unelss you have a cool new wired in smartphone. 😉

So, with these services you can easily setup to monitor the homepages of these blogs that you want to track! Note – even though the homepage is where the new post happens – you should not be monitoring it as a small update in the “number value” of comments, may trigger an update with the page monitoring services.

So, how do you track a page change then? The answer is the “feed” page / URL. Look for the RSS icon, and click it. It will take you to the RSS URL and will dislay the RSS feed content. You need to cut and paste this URL into the page monitoring system. This URL is what you need to track for updates.

Below, are some web page monitoring service providers…

There are many more, and many are free. Here is the Google search results for “page change monitoring service“. You should do your homework and sign up accordingly.

Note: if the blogger decides to update an old post that is on the homepage or feed, then you really cant help it and it will be a false alarm. When you go to the page, just see the top most post and the number of comments on it… if its a popular blog the comments increase fast and so if the number of comments is low, zero or just a handfull – you are pretty early and you should post your comment (with corresponding URL in text field or the main body if you have something relevant to the post to point readers to) .

Finally, to monitor new posts on other social media sites and forums, digg, video sites etc. – you will probably have to visit them often and lurk around with a browser window opened in the background and hit refresh manually to examine new high rising popular posts which have potential or use an auto page-refreshing plugin for Firefox. I couldn’t think of any other way to catch alerts for page changes for these type of sites – and if you do setup the email alert system mentioned above for these type of social media sites (forum, digg, videos etc) – you may recieve a very high number of emails as the big sites update almost every minute. Although, most forums allow you to receive follow up message alerts via email – but then this is for threads where you have already posted and not new popular rising threads – which is what we need to watch for. I will explore to see if there is a solution to this problem, and if anyone has any new ideas or suggestions, please share them by posting below.

One closing thought – if you are late and many people have already commented on the blog post, you might still be able to get on top if the blog has nested comments. Simply reply to the first comment 🙂

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One Thought - May 17, 2008 Reply

One Thing , to be sure is that you have written important thing about twitter and also about page detection. I surely will follow the things mentioned here.

Isles Tech - May 22, 2008 Reply

I seem to think that there is actually a downhill curve on the correlation if a blog is quite popular. Consider yourself while commenting – do you really read through the entire comment thread in a popular blog? Most readers go right down to the bottom and add their take on the issue. This means that at least in very popular blogs the important thing is not really being the first to comment, but rather having commented as many times as possible and necessary.

On the other hand, the content of your comment is always the more important thing.

Earn Money - May 22, 2008 Reply

Really nice blog you got. These sound like some really useful tips. Thanks, I’ll be sure to try them out!

Wong Chendong - June 5, 2008 Reply

Commenting on the first, this is a great tip that I have never came across in any ebook about blogging…Hack so many people overlooked it…Thanks for this great information…

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