Show courtesy while Networking and Increase your Response Rate

We all want to connect up with important people in our industry. The people that matter and who have gained their prominence because of their hard work and intuition. We like to get to know them and possibly pitch a new venture to them, asking them to blog about it or provide some advice.

The problem is that most people make it sound very rude and thus these moguls are put off and dont bother to reply or connect. Below are a few important ways with netiquette with someone who receives hundreds and thousands of requests to connect up from almost every social networking site on the planet. Rembember, that most “boiler plate” and “cookie cutter” invitations go straight to the trash. Stuff like – “I’d like to add you to my social network on Linkedin” – which says nothing is a prime example. Who are you? What do you do? Why should I care? I may have met you before, but I meet tons of people and I probably dont remember you.

Here are 2 examples of nice invitations that you could use or derive your custom invitation from …

Example #1

Hi *name*,

I’m a reporter with xyz, writing about technology and culture. I’d like to add you as a friend.

Thanks – *your name*

Example # 2

Hi *name*,

I’m writing for on Web2.0 for I’m connecting so I could get some quotes from you on the idea of 2.0 verses the business and look and feel of web sites which seem to miss the point. I would appreciate if you connect with me so I may publish your valuable thoughts.

Each invitation you send out must be tailor made specifically for the recipent. Think of it as a custom email or phone call. Think of who you are trying to reach out to. What do you want from them? Why should they really care to respond? Practise this elementary courtesy to get a higher response rate.

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