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There are a few good video clip sites that will pay you for your videos. One such website is , where you can sign up for their Producer Rewards program and upload your videos. When your video crosses the 20,000 views mark, you get $100 and $5 per 1000 views from there-onwards. This is provided your video rating by viewers is more than 3.0 out of a total of 5.0

If you are creative and own a camcorder (if you don’t you should buy one today) – this could potentially be very lucrative. The payout rates as above are very good. There are many people here earning a good side income with their creativity. The trick is to go to and see what kind of videos are earning money. Categorize them and see if you can offer a similar video or a twist on something there but its best to be unique. People want to be entertained so show them something unique and amazing or weird. Shock people! Make them laugh! Make them gasp in awe! Make them say wow!

To see the current top videos and those that are earning good money visit – this link.

Here are some of the categories and type of videos that are earning good money, and some ideas for you to make money by making videos –

Magic Tricks – (show it but if its really good, don’t show them how to do it , or the magician community will ban you)

Eater Eggs – Easter Eggs are strange things software developers put into software they create that can be seen by executing certain sequence of actions. Google windows XP easter eggs and find some examples. They are fun and whacky and people love to find these hidden gems and fun things inside Word, Excel, Photoshop, Grand Theft Auto or virtually any popular software or game.

Puzzles or Challenges – these can be as simple as matchstick or card puzzles that you demonstrate and ask the viewers to solve. Repeat your question a couple of times and ask them to solve it. Then after a moment give them the solution.

PC Tricks – You may use a screen capture software like Camtasia to record your desktop screen. Then you can show viewers some fun stuff be it handy shortcuts to do, some PC tricks, or amazing things online for example a Google search for the word “failure shows a funny result (you need to go do this!).

Amazing Experiments – could be simple fork and knife balancing acts, carbonated fizz drink acts, safe firecracker stuff, or anything thats not dangerous but entertains.

Tutorials – These could be general tutorials (on how to do a Yoga pose) or even PC software tutorials eg. How to do a create fancy headline text in photoshop or something cool in 3D Max or Google’s 3D software Sketchup or any other popular software being used by hobbyists. They love this stuff!

Hacking – some basic ethical hacking videos, showing the common and uneducated person some simple and amazing (non-harmful) hacking tricks be it Search Engine hacks, or software hacks. Don’t encourage any fraudulent and illegal activity as you will be booted out of Metacafe and also get into trouble.

Travel Videos – If you travel overseas, record videos of fun moments and amazing things you see and people you meet.

Cooking – Show the world how to make the best blueberry cheesecake pie! ..or anything that’s simple to make and unique and what the masses would love to learn to quickly impress their friends, family and spouse!

Science Experiments – If you’re the geek type, show them some cool scientific experiments.

Origami – make a the next cool paper flapping bird and show them how its done.

Alert 1: Do not perform any dangerous stunts that could cost you an arm or a leg. Its not worth the money and the risk. Be careful. And if you must make sure you have a supervisor or friend who can help you if anything goes wrong.

Alert 2: Do not under any circumstance rip of and copy someone’s video and upload it as this could get you in some serious legal problems.

Alert 3: Do not use any soundtrack or clips or logos of copyrighted material. You may earn a bit but then Metacafe can block you out quickly and not pay you for violating their terms.

Alert 4: Head over to a Do-It-Yourself site (DIY) or a site like expert village – see what videos are popular and make similar ones for the audience at Metacafe! It could’nt get simpler! I just saw a video on this guy showing how to remove scratches from a CD so skipping can be eradicated… this video has made $400 plus in a very short period of time.

If you have a blog you could increase your traffic / views of your video submitted by cutting and pasting the embedded code of your video(s) from into your blog. These off-site views will also make the counter tick. You could also paste and embed your video(s) into your page for your friends to see and pass around. All this will increase your views and get you closer to the 20,000 mark, after which you can start earning money!

Other good sites that pay you for your videos are

There is a great article on NY Times that talks about how some people are making money with “How To Videos” … this is a must read!

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ice0mike - January 14, 2008 Reply

Yes Metacafe will honestly give money! The ideas here are amazing I reccomend someone to try them! I did the magic idea and look where it got me!

My magic channel

Or my best magic video!

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onubufonu - June 5, 2009 Reply

the metacafe revenue program will close on 30 june 2009.

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