Lessons from the Zero Gravity Pen

NASA spent $1.5 million and 4 months to build a pen that would work in space in the zero gravity environment. The Russians used a pencil.

A lot can be learnt from this. You need to understand what works online and not spend time and effort in flogging a dead horse or wasting your valuable time in building something that does not bring in money or is useless. Try and look at things differently and to build something differently. Don’t waste your time like NASA did above.

Read a lot. See how others as succeeding… but dont try and copy exactly their methods, as it may not work in your case. Be alert and keep comign up with ideas that may generate income for you. If you’re doing something over and over again, and its not bringing in the results – relook at things and consider dropping it – and trying something different.

Sometimes, you may not derive significant revenues from your blog. Perhaps you are not doing something right? Just blogging is not going to work. You need to actively socialize via services like MyBlogLog and actively visit other bloggers in your community and comment on their sites – if you want to get any attention at all. You need to create content and actively promote it.

There are times when your content can be sold for a price. If you’re a specialist in your area of discussion and you feel you have written a report that will appeal to many in your industry – consider selling it online as an ebook rather than giving it away for free. Sure, you can give an extract away as a free download – but then attach a price to the full report. This works in many cases as consumers perceive your report as having significant “value”. If you can get this in their mindset, you are almost home. As a specialist, people in your industry must accept you and respect you. Then you can sell your reports to them or evenrecommend and sell related reports and products created by others. Once they get into your trust zone – they will have faith in what you tell them. Ofcourse you should never sell or recommend anything that is in your opinion not good or worth the price. Make sure you know what you are selling and have tasted it. Nothing could be more foolish that recommending something that is of poor quality. You will quickly lose all members of your fan club and they will desert you like rats leave a singing ship.

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abhishek kumar verma - February 23, 2008 Reply

I want to make glider which is based on zero gravity.

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