How To Cash In Using ClickBank (or any Affiliate Network)


Most people who sign up as Affiliates to promote other people’s products use the “hit and run” method. This method goes something link this –

(a)  Select a product from Clickbank (or any other affiliate network)
(b)  Send traffic to the product landing page of the merchant
(c)   Make money… That is, profit!

While this system may look very lucrative and some people are making money using it – it is not the best way to cash in and anyone using only this system is leaving a lot of money on the table. Why? I will explain…

By putting up your various marketing channels online for this product and diverting the traffic to the merchant’s landing page for the product – you are essentially letting them go somewhere else without any opportunity to contact them in the future.

Even though, eventually a percentage of the people you send to the merchant’s product page will covert into purchasing customers – you will still not have access to them or any others who do not buy.

By simply channeling traffic to someone else’s site – you are only guaranteed a single sale for your efforts. You lose out on the opportunity to target buyers AND non-buyers in the future!

You are simply profiting from a one-time sale only to the customer that you send to that landing page of the merchant / product seller. You cannot re-sell to them or to the non-buyers.

A good business is built on repeat customers!

Here is a fool proof method of using Clickbank to profit in the long run. This business model may be a bit more complex to execute and setup – but you will be guaranteed revenues that are substantially higher than the above one-off sale system and you can keep selling to the same customer base over and over again!

Note – Clickbank is a great place to find information products to sell and its very simple and free to join for Affiliates.

Here are the steps, I recommend –

(1)  Choose a niche that you like and find a series of product on ClickBank to promote

(2)  Create a small ebook of around 25 to 50 pages that is about your selected niche, and aim to give it away for free

(3)  Create a “squeeze-page” or mini-page whose only job is to give the ebook away for free in exchange for the visitor giving their name and email address

(4)  Send traffic to this squeeze page (paid or free)

(5)  Capture the lead coming to this squeeze page

(6)  Deploy a series of auto-responders with the Clickbank products in the niche you chose

(7)  Watch the steady stream of money rack up in your Clickbank account

The main difference that I have used here is that instead of sending the visitors directly to the page of the merchant to buy what he wants, I first direct him to my page and collect his email and name in exchange for a free report / ebook. I can then sell him the merchants product as well as a whole series of other products in the niche, or life or until he un-subscribes from my list.

The money is in the list!

All the top marketers know this. The real money is not in the single sale. Its in the list which allows you to do the repeat sale over and over again! Ask any restaurant owner about this and they will tell you how important it is J

Its way too much more expensive to get a new customer as it is to sell to a customer who has already transacted with you. Infact, its 7 times more expensive to get a new customer that it is to sell to a current customer who has already bought from you in the past. That is why businesses succeed. They sell over and over again to current customers. Ask McDonalds!

If a customer was to buy only once and go away, never to return to buy again, then you do not really have a good business. The magic is in selling over and over again to your loyal consumer base. Enough said!

So, if you want to really become a power affiliate seller on Clickbank, then you need to stop building other people’s customer base and start to make your own customer base.

Here is the above steps in detail…

Step 1 – Choose your niche and then choose a series of product in the niche

The first step is to identify an niche. This should be something that you have some knowledge of or a passion for. That is essential. If you choose a niche that you don’t know anything about or do not have passion or ability to learn – you may lose interest at a later date.

Clickbank lists thousands of information products that you can promote. They can be arranged by commissions, sales, popularity and some other criteria. It may be advisable that you get a copy of the product before you choose to spend time promoting it. In most cases you can just write to the merchant and ask for a review copy and they will provide it to you – if you tell them you need to evaluate their product to see if you want to spend time and effort in promoting it. Merchants will mostly give it to you. If they don’t, you can still chose the alternate path of purchasing it and opting in for the 60 day money back policy incase you do not like to promote it. All Clickbank products come with this money back policy.

Step 2 – Create the Free Downloadable eBook

The easiest way to get people’s email addresses and names is to offer them something of value for free. In this case it will be your ebook. If you can program, then you can create some free “lite” software that will be of use. You can also create a Screensaver. Basically, anything that won’t take up too much of your time – but is of high quality none-the-less (or you will see people get disappointed and rop out of your list).

You may also contract out the creation of this free info-product to someone on sites like Elance etc. if you do not have the time to do this. If it’s a free eBook it can be from 25 to 50 pages long. It does not have to be very lengthy.

Just make sure it is of very high quality giving a lot of information – but it should be somewhat incomplete. It should satisfy the reader – but make him want the full product or other products that you will sell to them down the line in the near future.

Step 3 – Setup Your Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is basically a single short page whose only function is to do one thing … in this case, collect the visitor’s email address and name in exchange for a free ebook. They come to the page, read the brief on what you have for them.. and that they need to sign up to get the Free copy and “see you on the other side”.  While a normal pages sign up rate may be 5%, Squeeze Page sign ups can be as high as 50% – which is fantastic!

Setting up a Squeeze Page is pretty easy if you know HTML and have some basic some graphic design skills.

If you are using WordPress, then there is an awesome plugin called the SqueezeTheme that you can use to create custom squeeze pages with just a few clicks. The only thing you need to do is choose your theme, add text, photo and video optionally and then insert your Aweber Form code (I will come to this in a while). The SqueezeTheme plugin does the rest for you!

Step 4 – Sending The Vistor Traffic To Your Squeeze Page

There are tons of ways to do this, and I won’t get into detail on this one as volumes of books could be written about this. The traffic could be SEO traffic, Paid traffic, Free Traffic, Contests etc.

Step 5 – Capture The Lead

Capturing the lead is the most important part of this system. You must be able to catch the email and name of the person. Make your offer enticing. Write your sales copy well and sell the benefits and show them the features later. As a backend service, I recommend Aweber system to do the handling of the form code and data storage and email broadcasts etc. Aweber system will do it all for you. It is what is called an auto-responder system. They give you the code to insert into your site and a sign up form appears and then the email and names are stored in their database in something called an Auto-responder system.

Step 6 – Auto-Responder Deployment

All the visitor data you collect on your site goes into the Aweber database. You can then send out a series of email messages separated by a time interval t othis message. This series of messages is called an auto-responder sequence or in marketing terms “the sales funnel”. Once the vistor data is captured, they get sent a series of emails one after another (example with a 7 day gap). These messages are written by you. They go out to the visitor as a sequence of messages. Keep in mind that you need to build a relationship with the subscriber. Do NOT overload him with sales messages. Give him some free stuff that has a lot of value and toss in a sales product in the niche every once in a while. Make sure you do not step out of your chosen niche!

Setting up the auto-responder is not complicated. Just head over to Aweber and sign up today. If you have any questions, just ask me and I will guide you. They have a $1 trial offer for 30 days and you can setup an unlimited number of auto-responders. Any serious marketer needs an auto-responder system nowadays that will handle his list and through which he can create his sales funnel.

The first email, which the free ebook download link, should be set to go out right away as soon as the visitor confirms his subscription. Then you can send him follow up messages every 4 to 7 days. Just make sure to be in touch but do not flood him with messages every day! Keep a couple or few days gap – all depending on the chosen niche.

Step 7 – Sit Back And Count the Money

Once you have the whole system setup and running, you can sit back and watch the moolah flow in. Just keep searching for great content and great products on Clickbank that you can keep adding to your sales funnel – so you keep in touch with your subscriber list and do not lose them along the way.

Finally, do make sure you pick only high value products – or you will lose your trust and credibility!

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As a purchaser of Shoemoney System I am having a lot of hassel with ClickBank. I had to cancel my account and they charged me 3 times within the 60 day window of the Money Back Guarantee. When I asked for a refund I have only been given 1 payment back and I am out my other 2 payments. I open up tickets with their online support, but they just close them without any response. I am going to have to resort to calling their number and see if they will resolve my issue. I am not satisfied at all right now.

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