Google Hot Trends

Getting a live feed of what people are searching for at any given moment on the Internet is an invaluable tool. The Yahoo! Buzz Index is a good source for daily buzz words. There are many other tools too by which you can track online search activity. Google had something called Google Trends, which I have spoken about before – but they have recently launched something called Hot Trends.

Google Hot Trends

This is an absolute must visit area for all online marketeers. Knowing daily and hourly movers and shakers is invaluable tool to use to get traffic. Hint: simply blog or write stuff about some of these top keywords and you can get a fair amount of traffic heading your way. They also allow you to understand what hot subjects are brewing online. So, use Google’s hourly update Hot Trends tool to do your research. Just one point… remember these our hourly trends and hence a lot of fluctuation will be seen. Try to zoom in on a keyword if it rises to the top and stays there for a couple of days, before you try and take advantage of it.

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