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One of the important things you should do with any venture is send out at least 6 to 12 press releases every year. Sending out a press release once every 2 motnhs is really the minimum you should look to target. Even if your target audience is small, a well written press release and any subsequent free content write up on your venture, will only help build your image and strengthen your current customer base.

Here’s a quick check list you should keep in mind

  • launch an interesting product or service module worth talking about
  • or achieve a milestone
  • or do a bit of charity
  • then develop an interesting story around it
  • don’t send out any irrelevant crap or try to do a commercial sell
  • don’t hardsell. never hardsell. infact – don’t sell.
  • captivate the readers attention with a good headline and leading paragraph
  • again, build a story around the release.
  • target readers in your niche, who WANT to read about this kind of stuff
  • dont report stale stuff or do something thats been done and milked already be someone else
  • be original, be different
  • look for relevant reporters in your niche by finding names and contacts in industry mags, newspapers, blogs etc.
  • don’t bug reporters too much. send your release out once to the source, and sit back.
  • use fax over email (where possible)
  • never spam reporters
  • if you pay for and put an ad in a mag, ask for a write up as a supplement
  • thank all reporters personally, who took up your PR and wrote about it. no matter how small the write up was. get personal with them and thank them.
  • hiring professional a PR company is expensive. but, if you can afford it – do it!
  • use as much free PR as you can
  • you may post a Release in an appropriate forum in the appropriate category
  • target! target! target! Focus on your niche audience.

Free PR Services

Here are some free Press Release Services, that you can use to get the word out. It takes about 10 minutes per site, and I suggest you keep this list handy and target all of the sites.

Closing Thoughts

Press Releases help you retain your brand image in your prospects mind. They get the word out for you without much investment in time or money. They help in your website’s SEO and give you good one way backlinks from high Google PageRank sites. If you’re serious about using this often overlooked powerful method of promotion via Press Relases, then you must read this great post on How To Write a Press Release.

Updated List of Free PR Distribution Sites

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