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Youtube can be used to drive loads of traffic to your website or blog. Because the Youtube search algorithm and categorization is not so very fool proof, one can very easily get listed high up in real-time, just as in the Web1.0 search engine days. Simply copy or make similar text content to what your niche leader is doing, and use that while submitting your video… then sit back and relax wile the traffic pours in. Well, not exactly that – but its close. Their are some other precautions and steps you need to take. I will explain this in depth and you will have to use your imagination to expand on it.

Making a Good Title for your video

While coming up with a title for your video make sure that you do not use generic terms and boring non-specific titles. (Read this brief article in Headline Writing). By using specific titles, people will be drawn in more. A title like “You HAVE to see this rare magic trick!” will attract attention. Feel free to use CAPS in your title.. but don’t overdo it and make the entire title in caps.

“Make Money Online” – is not a good title.

“Make $100,000 Online” – is better

“How I made $100,000 Online” – is even better

“How I made $123,567 in just 3 weeks” – works best!

Do keep in mind that you need to be credible, so make sure that the amounts you enter are accurate.


Just write as many tags as you can until you reach the limit of the text box and you cant write any more tags. Tags are extremely important and play a key role when users are searching for your video content.


The first thing in yor description should be your URL, and follow that up by pressing *enter* a few times. Then describe your video in one paragraph and follow it up with tons of keywords that related to your video. Use a keyword generator tool to find similar keywords and add as many of them as you can here. This will drastically improve your ranking in search results and youtube does not penalize for keyword “stuffing” or “spam” – so its perfectly legal! Your description will thus, take the following form –


The description area of your video here and here and here.

Then follow it with keyword phrase 1, keyword phrase 2, keyword phrase 3, keyword phrase 4, keyword phrase 5, keyword phrase 6, keyword phrase 7, keyword phrase 8, keyword phrase 9, and so on.


Youtube uses the thumbnail from around the middle of the clipping. So, if you can ensure that that spot has a catchy graphic – it will help tons. Some people use misleading thumbnails by manipulating the video file, and thus people see a totally different thumbnail than the actual video and click to see at a much higher rate. You may not want to do this.

Try to be the first to upload

If you can beat others to being the first one to upload a highly viral video – you will get tons more traffic and view. So, if a new movie trailer or a new game footage is what you want to share and you are out the gates ahead of others – you can be sure to get an avalanche of views. Be the first to upload the highlights or celebrity spoofs.

Sneaky Trick

Use Youtube search find videos and rank them based on most recently uploaded. You will be able to spot the gems. Reseed them (if you have the rights) and add in better and more keywords, if you want to surpass the original video ranking and views.

Get Comments

Comments are important and help you rank higher faster. Videos that have comments carry more weightage in the youtube search system. Try and ask your viewers to comment on your video. Hit their sentiment. If you have a dog video, ask them to rate the dog. Get them involved. Invite yoru friends to come see the video and post their comments.

Video topics that go viral

Here are topics that are highly viral in nature. Try and get and create videos around these topics…

– sexy

– funny, comedy, humor

– drama

– shock, accidents,

– cute, babies, pets

– latest games, movies, shows

Converting Video Views into Site Traffic

Just make sure that you watermark all your videos with your site URL. You can use some of the watermakring softwares available like Watermark Master, Watermark Factory or Moyea Falsh Video MX Pro (batch converter available for multiple conversions).

Then, you may show only part of the video on Youtube, and invite the viewer to come to your site at the end of the video by saying “See the rest of this video at www.whatever.com”. If you have a video of a lion attacking an elephant – show it up until the point when the lion is about to attack the elephant and then cut it off and put a message in the video end that says – “Come to www.xyz.com to see the full video” (easily done with above softwares or basic video softwares).

Always make sure that the last 10 seconds of the video display a black background or single colored background with your site URL boldly displayed. This will drie visitors to yoru site.

Uploading Your Video

You can upload yor video to multiple sites other than Youtube to getmore exposure. For that, you may need to convert it from flv format to mpeg or wmv prior to using any of the mass video upload services. There are many softwares available for this. Some mass video submission website services you can use are – TubeMogul.com , Vidmetrix.com and HeySpread . The first two even allow you to monitor video views across the video websites, and you can submit to over 20 to 25 websites.

If you want to make money from video sites that pay you for your videos read this article on Metacafe Money – making money with videos.

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Prosperity66 - April 21, 2008 Reply

Videos are a traffic driving way that I don’t use yet but I’m looking foward to start using it.
I didn’t know that I could watermark videos… thanks for the info, it’s useful!
Your post is really interesting as it covers parts of the video wave that I’ve never heared of before!
Thank you so much for sharing such great infos!

James Mann - April 23, 2008 Reply

Today is the day I have slotted in my first video creation.

I have been trying to get over the fear that over takes me when ever a camera is turned on.

Your post is definitely worth bookmarking and re-reading a few times to be sure I am doing things the best way I can to drive traffic.


EarnersWeb.com - April 26, 2008 Reply

Some good tips in a nicely written article…thanks 😉

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