Make Money Online from the “New Rising Celebrity”

Here’s an easy way to make quick cash with a little bit of work (thats right, it may be quick and a no-brainer – but it does involve some amount of effort). Keep a close watch on new rising celebrities – local to your country / region as well as the big international celebrities. They may be sports celebs, hollywood, bollywood, music stars … etc. If you can identify them early in the piece, you can (sometimes) legally go and snap up their domain name. If you get a notice from their lawyer, you may have to negotiate with them and explain this is only a fun and hobby website (which it should be).Once you book the domain name – you can setup whats called a “celebrity fan site”. Yes, there are plenty of online examples you can Google and get ideas from – so I wont go into the details here… you can setup celebrity focused things like – forums, image galleries, news, videos, guestbook, blog area, celebrity discussion group, etc etc. Just visit other celebrity fan sites setup by others and pull out ideas from there. If the celebrity becomes a super mega star – then you are rest assured to get a LOT of traffic coming in… from Search Engines as well as direct “type-in-traffic” (people directly typing in the browser bar). If you have the funds, consider and snapping up the .net , .org , .info and .name top level domains too 🙂 . To build your website, get the free or cheap scripts from and install them on your own or get a freelancer to do it for you by posting your requirement on a project posting and bidding website. Then populate the site with your Google Adsense ads, and you are ready to go!

In fact, you can apply this trick to any new upcoming trend, term, technology, scientific term, literary book, etc etc. The trick here is to spot the trend very very early on in the piece, and rush out and book the domain name – before the other countless “domainers” (people who buy, sell, squat etc. on domain names as a business and for a living. Serious – there are many guys out there making millions with domain names… read this and this or this article to get a very good insight to what you may be up against. They will snap up the domain and then sell it or auction it off. They wont build stuff on it. They’re in it for quick money. You could buy and sell / auction it off too. I guess it all depends on the price you get, and the potential. Many times, holding on to the domain name makes sense even if you get a large offer. For example was bought for $175,000 sometime in 2000 and sold 3 years later for $7 million!

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