Bum Marketing – An Introduction

Bum Marketing is basically a method to earn money in a relatively easy and clever way. Thousands of people are doing it and the clever ones and the ones who catch on fast, are taking in thousands of dollars every month – recurringly on auto-pilot. They are effectively “bums” … once their bum marketing system is up and running, it is on auto-pilot and they get big fat checks by doing almost nothing. There are several variants of Bum Marketing, but the original method is by Travis Sago.

In a nutshell here is what is involved…

(1) The money comes to you from selling someone elses product to a Internet user. You get rights to sell this product from an Affiliate Network like ClickBank. You sign up on this Network for free and get the product you want to sell at NO cost or commitment.

Either you first identify a product you want to sell – and then you research Google and other engines for “keywords” or “phrases” that are related to this product. While doing this research you keep in mind that (a) a large enough number of people are searching for this “keyword” , and (b) the search results for this keyword are not too many.

If there are too many search results – then you will have a harder time trying to get your “sales page” to beat these pages in the search result listings. On the other hand, ff there are not enough people doing searches for this keyword – then perhaps there is not enough demand and you should not bother trying to sell this product.

(2) You create a landing sales page on the Internet, that shows visitors the product… the usual sales jargon and offers them a link to buy the product. This is the link supplied by the Affiliate NEtowrk such as Click Bank. They do all the credit card etc processing. You just create the landing sales page – with the info you find on the product on ClickBank.

(3) Next, you need to drive “targetted” and relevant traffic to this Landing / Sales Page. By targetted, I mean people who are looking for information that is related to this product (eg. Weith Loss) and who would be interested in purchasing the third party product on your sales page (eg. an ebook on weight loss, or a weight loss proteint powder).

(4) We drive targetted traffic to our Sales Page from popular Article Sites. How?… by writing “keyword optimized” Articles on this subject, then putting our Sales Page link at the end, and then submitting these Articles to popular Article sites – that Google loves. Note: we cleverly stuff our articles with our relevant keywords, in an efficient manner – that Google and Search Engines love (more on this later).

(5) Since Google has a high PageRank for these Article sites, our Articles will show up higher up in the engines for the “keywords” that we have cleverly stuffed these pages with. People click through to read these articles on the Article sites… then see our link at the end… and click that, to come to our Sales Page… and eventually purchase what we are selling.

So that is the Bum Marketing cycle. Try and read that again, slowly – if you didn’t grasp it. It really is simple – identify a product … find associated keywords OR vice versa – first find popular keywords with less competition in search result pages – then find associated products … then create a sales page … then drive traffic to this sales page by submitting well written articles to Article sites that Google loves … just making sure that you weite a whole bunch of similar articles that revolve around this keyword or similar keywords – based on your research findings with the various free keyword suggestion tools out there.

A Detailed Step by Step Explanantion

This is how it works – step by step. I will include detailed tips and tricks, and invaluable free and (a few paid) resources which you can use to execute the Power Bum Marketing techniques, in my next post. This is just a quick step by step primer for newbies to understand what is going on.

Your Bum Marketing plan can be planned in two ways…

Find a “good” Product First then research its associated Keywords

Either you find a good product, through an Affiliate Network that belongs to another person, and that you want to sell… and then you list out the appropriate keywords for it – using the help of a Keyword Research Tool. This Keyword research tool will basically tell you how many times your keyword (eg. Weight loss) was searched for in the last month, and also how many times similar derived keywords (eg. Weight loss vegetarian) were also searched for. Take carefull note of these keyword variants – as you could possible use these also in your article – thus immediately increasing your traffic, as people will find you through these additional keywords as well.

Find “good” Keywords First then find Products around that keyowrd ( I prefer this)

Go into Overture and simply “find” good keywords that are popular and being searched for month to month… and then find associated products from an Affiliate Network, to eventually include on your sales / landing page.

“Keyword research” involves 2 aspects… ( basically, finding current demand and checking the supply)

(a) The first is finding out just how many searches are done for a specific phrase or keyword every month on Google and other search engines. One can do this by the free services available such as, Overture Keyword Research tool.

(b) The second step is to find out how many search engine result listings are there for this keyword of phrase. This can be done by simply entering the keyword or phrase in Google and seeing the numbers on the top right hand area – that shows for example – “found 5432 pages”. Make sure you enter your keyword in quotes.

What we need to make sure from (a) is that the keyword is fairly popular … more than say 500 searches per month AND from (b) this same keyword has low number of page results – less than say 10,000.

We want MORE of (a) and LESS of (b).

Ideally, it is said to find (a) where searches are more than around 500, and (b) where results are between 500 to 10,000.

We can find popular keywords by simply going to the Keyword Tool and entering “How to”, “how can” , “tutorial”, “buy” etc… and see the associated popular phrases that show up! This will give us an immediate insight into what is popular online and what people are looking for – thereby showing us high demand products.
Why is this significant?

Because, if we can find keywords that are popular searches – that are being entered into Search Engine querries, seen from (a) above – AND that have little competition, seen from number of search result pages from (b) above – then this will tell us that this keyword or phrase has a high demand and low supply.

Once we find this, we can then quickly jump in and take the next steps…

Write an Article…

The next step involves writing a whole bunch of articles around this keyword or phrase. Infact, you can write an article and cleverly embed not only this keyword or phrase – but other similar keywords or phrases that are about the same topic or niche. For example, “How to reduce body fat” and “how to lose weight”. These are similar search phrases and users entering them in the search engines are looking for the same answers. So, why not help them both? If the first phrase has say 1200 searches per month and the second 1000 searches – then obviously we should be satisfying both. We can do this by inserting these both keywords into the articles we write.

The article we write must have the keywords appear once in the title, once in the first paragraph, once in the main body and once at the end. We can make the keywords bold – once only. Search engines love all this and it will help in showing your article higher up in results pages for these keywords.

Now, right at the end of each article, there is a place to write a small para of the bio of the author – that is you. Use this space to insert links to your actual blog pages or landing pages where you sell the related product – from an Affiliate Network.

Which bring us to the next action step…

Join an Affiliate Network like Clickbank and identify a third party merchant product that is related to your keyowrd and article – and create a single sales page / landing page, for it.

Now lets revert back to our Article

We need to then head over to the top popular Article Sites and submit our keyword optimized articles. Only focus on the top 1 or 2 Article sites – GoArticles and Ezine Articles. We are submitting to the top article sites, because Google and other search engines love these sites and have a high PageRank for them – giving your article the immediate edge if they are found on these sites – rather than some obscure blog. You get high Parge Rank and hence a better chance to show up on top in search results for these article optimized keywords.

Get it?

Now, when people search for a keyword – and you have say 10 articles written and uploaded to GoArticles, and your article has this keyword well optimized – then its quite possible that atleast one of your articles will show up on higher up on the search result pages. This will eventually lead to traffic to your article page and then readers will see your advertisement of a related product at the bottom – and they will click through to come to your landing page – where you will sell them the related product as an Affiliate! You dont even need to own this product.

This is why its called Bum Marketing… because with no money and just little amount of time – you can earn cash and possibly dominate a keyword which is untapped and has little competition – or even if it has competition, you can beat them. You just need to be smart and write dozens of “keyword stuffed” articles that are “Search Engine Friendly” and “Search Engine Optimized”… then, rinse and repeat for another niche.

bum marketing method

In simple steps, one more time …

1. Look for an untapped low competition nich

2. Find an associated product through an Affiliate Netowrk that pays are decent commission to you per sale. Create your sales page or landing page – selling this product.

3. Do your keyword research – looking for single keywords or key phrases and their variants – that have a high demand (number of monthly searches shown through Keyword Tool) AND relatively low supply (not more than say 10,000 search results when searched for in Google.

4. Write a dozen or so “keyword optimized” articles around these keywords – keeping the few important “keyword stuffing” techniques in mind. Include your Sales page link at the end, and if the article sites allow – you may directly embed your product paragraph and buy now link into the footer of the article.

5. Submit your article to the popular Article directories, so they get picked up by Google and other major search engines.

6. Watch as the traffic reads your article and clicks to your Sales Page and purchases your product, or sees your ads, or earns you affiliate commissions in any other way.

What you should do next

The originator of the Bum Marketing Method is Travis Sago. Go to his site and sign up for his free email course – that is about 10 pages long and has good examples and graphics etc.Print it and read it start-to-finish without stopping. Then read it again TWO more times. This will clarify and make clear the whole process.

Note: I do not endorse any product that Travis is selling you – so apart from the free report, I do not know the quality of any other product that he sells.

After reading the report 3 times, you will be ready to come back here to learn Power Bum Marketing techniques and tricks. I will post that here in a few days… make sure to check back!

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