“Blog Profits Blueprint” by Yaro Starak – A brief summary


Here is a 50 page free report for blogging beginners by Yaro Starak. This is an absolute must read for all newbies who are just starting out in the blogging area.
There are many other people making lots of money by blogging and having their own so called system. Similarly, Yaro pitches his method and recommended path. It does make sense and should work for you too. I will run through a quick summary of what he says, below. If you like what your read below, go grab your full free copy by subscribing to his email list.

A Quick Overview of “Blog Profits Blueprint”

1. Work consistently. Have the right mental attitude towards blogging. You need to be regular, and not treat it as a “will blog when time permits”

2. Formulate a Strategy and then execute with your Tactics. Choose a topic that you are passionate about, and something that you would like to write about and entertain and educate your readers. Don’t opt in for a topic you have absolutely no clue about unelss you are creating a “splog”… which is a spam blog – being setup only to funnel in traffic with the main purpose of getting clicks and ad revenues. More on that later.

3. What blogs are and why are they so popular? Chronological articles, frequently updated content, ability for people to comment, more trust formed by readers.

4. How blogs make money? Readers, Readers, Reader! The more people read and subscribe to your blog – the more traffic you get. Then you simply monetize this traffic with ads or other opportunities. There are plenty of ways.

5. Always write good content and market your blog on the web to attract people.Many books have been written on how this should be done.

6. Ask yourself – why do you blog? The answer should be – to enhance the lives of your readers… to make them feel good. Focus on educating them and entertaining them. Don’t try and please everyone. Just focus on your niche audience that is interested in your topic and then make them happy. Give them value!

7. Be passionate about your topic. If you can find niche areas to blog on, then go for those. For example – instead of “Cooking”… try “Tibetan Cooking”, instead of “Cars” … try BMW, instead of “Fashion” … try “shoes”.

8. There are literally hundreds of thousands of blogging topics that are yet untapped. Just pick the one you would like to learn more about and have some motivation to research on and then blog about.

A side note:  Yaro and some people say that you should avoid topics other bloggers are already doing and avoid topics that have a very niche audience. I beg to differ. You can be a late starter and still catch up and perhaps make more money than these “other people”. Its just harder – but do-able.

10. Write good articles. Write about 1 long thoughtful and informative article and about 3 short ordinary ones. Rinse and repeat. I dont believe that every single article you write needs to be long and very large. Just write well and write unique topics. Develop your own style. Then, go out there and create communication channels to bring in readers. This is what marketing is all about. Focus on marketing your blog and articles online.

11. A long, thought out, well written article that offers great insight and value to your readers will definitely bring in substantially more traffic than a quick short article. It will not be time dependant and will have an ever lasting value. Here are some article types that you can write about in your niche area –

  • A “How To” Article. Write an educational article in your niche for a particular area you are very familiar with. For example, if you write about marketing – perhaps a How To article on How to Market on a Shoe string budget.
  • A “Definition” Article. A well thought and researched article defining something in detail. Give links to Wikipedia and other resources. Just cover every aspect and define fully what you are wrting about. Give plenty of examples and resource links. This will get you good Google traffic.
  • An article about a “Theory or Argument“. For example – politics, communism, democracy etc. Present unique thought that makes your reader’s mind tick. Stimulate conversation and controversy. Ask readers to comment.
  • A “Free Report or Whitepaper“. Give away free expert advise as downloadable free pdf ebooks on a topic you are an expert.
  • A “List Article“. You’ve probably seen these all over the place. People love to read them. For example – “12 ways to get on homepage of digg” .. or “79 Great Business Ideas”.
  • An article on a “Technical Blueprint“. If you are blogging about a technical issue – then perhaps you can share an indepth technical paper. Include technical diagrams, drawings and images – if appropriate.

12. Marketing your Blog. Go to Technorati.com (it is a blog search engine) and search for other bloggers and blogs that are similar to your topic or related in some way. Visit those blogs and participate by posting thoughtful content as comments. Don’t just spam and write rubbish. Write good comments that are related and make sense. You can then leave your blogs link or blog URL in the submit form (most blogs have a field for this). If you have a related post on your blog, you can even sign off by saying … “read this post for more insights into the such and such aspect of doing this and that … followed by the URL to the blog post article on your site. There are plenty of other ways to get traffic and market your blog… but for starters, leave at least 10 comments on other relevant blogs on a daily basis.

13.  Focus on satisfying your audience. They will spread the word for you – if you are good and give them extraordinary value and reason to talk.

14. Think Big, Work Little. Build awareness about your blog one step at a time. Form relationships with other bloggers online. Use your best content to drive more traffic.

15. Attend and participate in Blog Carnivals. I’ve already spoken about this here. You can go to http://www.blogcarnival.com and get started.

16. Socialize with other bloggers in your area – but dont jump in and start asking them for favours and links. Estabilsh and build a bond first by talking to them. Send them links before asking for links! Do Interviews… text and podcasts. Put yourself out there – so you get some attention. If you have a popular article – a “pillar article”, send it to them.

17. Build bigger and better Content Pillars…. Free Reports, Audio/Podcast/Teleseminar, Video/Screencasts, Software, Pillar Series, Sell Subscriptions, Don’t Rely on Google Adsense alone, Check out ReviewMe and PayPerPost.

18. Why most bloggers fail.  They are motivated by money alone. They choose the wrong niche. They jump from blog topic to blog topic. They think blogging is easy money and want an immediate outcome.

If you like what you read above and would like the full indepth report, you can download Blog Profits Blueprint here.

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