4 Quick starter-tips for making a “Social Media Friendly” Blog Post

Here’s some very basic tips that you must follow while making your blog posts. They will help a lot in getting your post the visibility it should get. Just follow these as a routine, and you will see a noticable increase in traffic.

(1) Get your ping list in order – Take a look at this recommended ping list and pingomatic.com . The very first step of marketing your blog starts with having a good ping list, which will allow your post to “get out there”. For those who dont know what a ping is – its basically a way that your server will tell the blog farm directories and blog search engines that you have posted a blog and it will invite their spider to come to your blog post URL to come and “pick up” the content of the post and add it to their index / database.


(2) Tag Tag Tag your Post – You must tag all your posts. If your WordPress blogging system does not have a tagging option, go and get Ultimate Tag Warrior. This will allow you to add in tags for each post that you make. Tags help blog search engines and Web2.0 engines identify the content of your posts, images and videos.

(3) Technorati Tagging – Get love from Technorati by link tagging words in your actual post, to Technorati or IceRocket. The words you choose to tag (link) , should be words that describe yor post. Automatically aligning keywords in your posting with tags in popular blogosphere portals such as Ice Rocket and Technorati gets instant and huge increases in traffic. You can use a plugin called Tagalize-it to do this automatically for you. For example this post is about Web2.0 and blogging tips. Before posting, go to Ice Rocket or Technorati and check out popular tags on the front page. If there are any that are relevant (yes you could abuse this) then add those as embedded tags in your posting.

(4) Automate your bookmarking at no cost.Publish your post and then head over to OnlyWire to bookmark your post to 15 different social bookmarking services at the push of a button. Use OnlyWire not only to bookmark your own blog posts, but also other interesting stuff you read online – and this will increase your “trust rank” with them – thereby giving your posts more value.

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