17 Ways to Make Money on Social Media Sites

With the outburst of Web2.0 social media websites, one can now start exploiting them to make extra cash. Once can use some of them to redirect traffic to your main site, and some will pay you direct cash to create content or use them. I’ve talked about one such site called Metacafe in great detail with tips on making money with videos the past. Here’s more …

Cash for Videos

1. Revver – Like Metacafe, it will pay you to put videos on their site. You earn after your clip crosses a certain threshhol of views. As an example – LonelyGirl creators used this to rake in a lot of money.

2. Break – They quickly realized they were losing ground to the other popular video sites and started to pay users $400 per video and $2000 for an animated video IF the video made it to the first page.

3. MetaCafe – I’ve spoken at length about Metacafe Money in this post. You get $100 for 20,000 views, $1000 for 200,000 views and $10,000 for 2 million views. Some users are earning more than $25,000.

4. Google Video – Exclusive only to some very viral videos. They wont pay anyone and everyone for putting up the videos, but if you make it to their list – expect to earn a healthy stream of income.

5. Eefoof – Pays you to submit any video and drive visitors to view the videos.

6. Flixya – Will payyou to simply embedd and post videos from other video sites and drive users to those videos. you stand to earn 50% revenue share.

7. Guba – More of an Affiliate scheme, they will pay you $25 for every 100 users who register on their site via your embedded videos or links.

Cash for Photos

8. Scoopt, ScoopLive and CellJournalist – will pay you for your newsworthy photos if you submit them to the site and your photos get picked up by the media – who apparantly they actively promote their collection of photos to.

9. SpyMedia – Sells your photos to media companies like the sites above, but also offer your a bounty and widget feature allowing you to embedd our photos on various Web2.0 social networking siteslike Myspace.

Cash for Writing

10. BlogBurst – Syndicates content to new sites like Washington Post. The top 100 users get paid between $50 and $1,500 per quarter.

11. PayPerPost – Pays you to blog about certain products for advertisers without actually revelaing that it is a paid review to your readers. This has been very controversial. The amount depends on the popularity of your blog, but it can be in the hundreds of dollars per post. ReviewMe is a competitor, but less controverial because the writer reveals that it is a sponsored post.

12. ScooptWords – A branch of Scoopt, this service gives you the ability to place a button offering your blogging services in your sidebar so edotirs of media companies can directly click on it to purchase reviews.

Other Web2.0 Money Makers

13. VitaminT – Offers $3 for submitting a useful tip. Readers can subscribe to these tips via email.

14. ChaCha – This is a human search engine like Mahalo. Sign up as an expert for a particular topic and when users of ChaCha ask for professional advice on a topic you help them and in return earn from $5 to $10 per hour.

15. FavoriteThingz and MyPickList – Both services from Sprout Commerce offer you an Affiliate commission to pimp merchant products on your blog or social network profile to others. Post a list of your FavoriteThingz on your MySpace page, for instance, and you’ll get paid an affiliate commission when visitors click through and buy a product.

16. MyNumo – This is a marketplace for mobile content. Earn money to sell your own videos, ringtones and wallpaper and earn 20% of the revenue.

17. Propeller (previously known as Netscape) – This digg.com clone will pay you to post links to interesting stories as they break around the web. The top 50 users on these sites get paid $1,000/month for submitting at least 150 stories… although, currently they seem to have stopped paying top users.

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As suggested by you, I registered under ‘payperpost.com’ and submitted my above quoted ‘blog’. But it was turned down, what to do now?

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Why were you turned down? Did they give you any reason? What is your blog URL?

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Its my first visit to your site. You have a lot of helpful information. Keep up the good work. Dysfunctional marketers like myself need a lot of help.

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