1 really good idea to generate high traffic spikes

I’ve noticed that certain topics in which I discuss top/handy things to do or where I list most popular sites / resources (using a number) gets me repeated amounts of large spikes in traffic. Below are some example topics that show what I am trying to say. These work very well. This is a heavily guarded secret that not many bloggers or content creators share… but, i’m going to spill the beans 🙂

Example topics –

  • 130+ popular Advertising Networks to Bookmark
  • 5 quick money making tips for people with no website
  • 50 handy must-have blogger tools for every blogger
  • Top 5 reasons why most blogs dont last
  • 7 secret ways to get readers to stick
  • 5 Ways To Get Other Bloggers To Link To Your Posts
  • 5 Types of Blog Posts that Generate Traffic
  • 23 Things I’ve Learned After 4 Months and 500 RSS Subscribers

The trick is not to over do this technique and have every other post to be like this. Have a post like this every 7th or 8th blog post. Having link resource posts (like the first and third example above) is a great way to get people to bookmark your page.

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